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  • «CodeReview Insight» – Github Action for Analyzing Pull Requests Statistics
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    Technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, GitHub API

    This project is your personal Github Action in JavaScript for analyzing PRs in your repositories. Imagine having a tool in your hands that gathers all the essential statistics about your team's code review process. How many comments were left? How many times were changes requested? How many checks failed? All these data are collected in one place, helping you see the bigger picture and optimize the coding process.

    • Collecting Message Statistics: Calculating the average number of messages left during code reviews.
    • Analyzing Requested Changes: Determining the number of requested changes in PR.
    • Monitoring Failed Checks: Counting the number of failed checks within PR.
    • Programming Language: JavaScript.
    • Integration with GitHub API: For accessing repository data and analyzing PRs.

    This project is a valuable tool for analyzing and enhancing the code review process within a development team. With its help, you can deeply understand the dynamics of teamwork on code, identify potential problems and shortcomings, and optimize workflows to achieve greater efficiency.

  • IT Vacancies for Interns and Beginning Developers Through a Telegram Bot
    To Do

    Technologies: TypeScript, Node.js, Express, Jest

    A project for those who are just starting a career in IT and looking for their first job or internship. The Telegram bot will be your guide in the world of IT vacancies, helping you find what fits you best. From filtering by key skills to sending a response to the job you're interested in – all of this can be done right in the messenger. With our bot, job searching becomes easier and more pleasant.

    • Job Search: Filtering and searching by skills, technologies, and other parameters.
    • Response to Vacancies: The ability to respond to a selected vacancy.
    • Notifications: Automatic notification of new vacancies and application status.
    • Bot: Development in TypeScript using Node.js and Express.
    • Data Storage: Use of Airtable to store information about vacancies and responses.
    Development and Deployment
    • Version Control: Git with the application of Git Flow.
    • Testing: Unit tests and integration tests using Jest.
    • Deployment: CI/CD using GitHub Actions.

    This project offers a unique way to connect to the growing world of IT vacancies for interns and novice developers. Modern technology and ease of use make it an attractive solution for a wide range of users.

  • Platform for Submitting Personal Topics for Meetups
    To Do

    Technologies: TypeScript, React, Node.js, Express, Jest

    The project aims to simplify the submission and organization of meetups using a Telegram bot and a web app. It will allow users to submit their report topics and create separate web pages for each topic.

    Telegram Bot
    • Speakers: Submission of report topics, generation of individual pages with descriptions.
    • Event Organizers: Review of submitted topics and selection of speakers for invitations.
    • Notifications: Notifications about the application status and other necessary alerts.
    Web App
    • Individual Topic Pages: Automatic creation of web pages for each topic.
    • Search and Filtering: Ability to search and filter reports according to various criteria.
    • Mobile Adaptation: Optimization for mobile devices.
    Integration with Airtable
    • Data Storage: All applications and information about the reports will be recorded and stored on the selected platform.
    • Frontend Web Application: React, CSS, HTML.
    • Backend Web Application and Bot: JavaScript using Node.js and Express.
    • Integration with Airtable: Appropriate API.
    Development and Deployment
    • Version Control: Git using Git Flow.
    • Testing: Unit tests and integration tests using Jest.
    • Deployment: Continuous integration and deployment using GitHub Actions.

    The project offers a unique and flexible way to submit and organize reports through the Telegram bot and web showcase. It combines simplicity and convenience for speakers and event organizers while minimizing costs and complexity in development, making it an excellent solution for an MVP.


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